Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Old Greg and I Like Tulips.

Last weekend Julie, Emma, Shay Shay, Shayla's friend Shelbie and I all went up to Skagit County for the Tulip Fields! We first stopped and picked up Emma in Edmonds. After getting a little turned around we made it to her Norwegian home and took her away. She took us to the Tea Room for delicious tea and scones :) After quite a while in traffic we FINALLY made it. It was all worth it to walk around in the beautiful sun looking at the colorful fields. I recommend checking it out! Just take the Mt. Vernon exit (the one with the smokestack with a tulip painted on it) and follow the tulip route signs. On the way home we stopped at Macaroni Grill (AMAZING) for some yummy pasta. What a successful weekend.

This weekend also consisted of many games of chatroulette. No, we're not getting naked. We simply like to dress up and creep people out. We also like to dress up Baby Jefferson here :)

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