Friday, June 25, 2010

Ayvalik and Istanbul

Since the last time I've written I've settled in with the family and the culture a bit more. Two days after I arrived we traveled down to the west coast to a place called Ayvalik. The mom, Sinem, the kids, Sevket and Ayse Naz, the nanny, Nurdan, and the driver all went down for five days. We spent the day swimming and eating and swimming and eating and went into town in the afternoon. The last couple nights Sinem and I took a walk down the beach and swam in the ocean after the sun set. It was definitely a relaxing few days of staying up late and waking up even later. The last two nights we had thunder and lighting storms, which were awesome to watch off the back patio. By the fifth day it took us nine hours to get back to Istanbul after we missed two ferry boats. Woops.

The last two days I've spent playing with the kids during the day. I still have a hard time getting them to speak English with me, but it's getting better. We've been doing a lot of dancing, dressing up, coloring, and playing soccer. Yesterday I successfully got three balls and one shoe stuck in a tree. Don't worry, the pool man came along and got them all down. Today I met the other American au pair in the complex. The two kids she looks after, Mina and Melda, came over and all the kids played together. It was nice to talk to someone and tonight we're going to go walk down the marina or up on the main street with all the shops. Yeah!

Pictures will come soon. And if not here, then Facebook. For whatever reason they're not uploading...

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