Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Departure Thoughts

Tuesday is coming soon. My mind has been filled with the requirements of my summer class, weekend excursions, and trying to see everyone before I leave. It's a somewhat kind distraction from the uneasy thoughts that come up right before traveling to somewhere new. I know come Tuesday morning at 5am when I'm arriving at the airport, my mind will probably be in a different place. Luckily my travel writing class has given me the opportunity to talk and listen to the beauty of traveling. It puts this trip into perspective again. I also recently talked to a family friend that has been to Turkey quite a few times, so I'm ready with the best cities, restaurants, and sites to visit.

While I'm gone I will be sure to write in here since it will be hard to send everyone an individual update. Now of course, here are some pictures of where I'll be going :)

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